Deodorant Stick Zen (BROWN) Coconut Matter

Deodorant Stick Zen (BROWN) Coconut Matter

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Warm and woody, ZEN comes for you to sweat off the stress. It contains the aromas of wellness and vitality recharged by the blend of Cedarwood, Bergamot and Vetiver essential oils. Ommm... it’s mind-soothing.

3-in-1 ZEN natural deodorant does three things, fast.

•   Relax your scents
Why wait for an evening soak to ease yourself into a stressful day ahead? Glide on ZEN to reconfigure your mind and body.

  •  Stops body odor naturally
19 plant and mineral ingredients keep you fresh all day without Aluminium, Parabens, Petrochemicals or any allergens such as baking soda.
  •  Save the planet
Our paper popsicle tube make it easy for everyone to say "no plastic, please".

ZEN deodorant is seriously the deodorant you been waiting for - zero residues, zero stickiness and zero stains . It is child and pregnancy safe. Lower your eco-footprint by buying a Smarter pack and get more value!.

Size: 1oz / 30g (we don’t use water in our products so you make more of it - no need to pay for “aqua”)